Modify Lightroom Build-in templates

When I upload images to (and thus not uploading them to Picasaweb), I’m using the Lightroom build-in Flash template, since that is exactly what I was looking for. Not too fancy, but not too simple either. Only minor is that I had to add my Google Analytics code every time to the generated html page. But I always forget to add it before uploading and I notice that only a day later, when the gallery was visited already and thus I loose some analytics.

Yesterday, once again, I generated a new gallery, uploaded it to the server but forgot to add the Google Analytics script. And that I noticed today so I opened the html to add the script and… was surprised the script was already there!
Then I remembered, I was once searching for a way to modify this template in order to have this Google Analytics script automatically added: I wanted to change the build-in template and insert the script so that it would be there every time I generate a new gallery.
I know I did a long research for it and finally found how to do this. But that’s a long time ago.

At this point, I started a search on the Internet to find out which file I once edited but… I couldn’t find it anymore. So I started a search locally and finally found the template.

On a Mac, the default flash template, which includes the html you have to change, is located inside the Adobe The file /Applications/Adobe
is the one you want to change.

To find this file using the Finder:

  • Go to /Applications, select Adobe and Action > Show Package Contents
  • Browse to Contents/PlugIns/ Select Web.agmodule and Action >Show Package Contents
  • Browse to Contents/Resources/galleries/, select default_flash_lrwebengine and Action >Show Package Contents
  • There you can see different files and folders, one amongst them is index.html and that is the file you want to change.

Open this with any text editor (but be aware that as of Leopard, opens HTML in a WYSIWYG mode! I prefer Dashcode, but then you must have installed the optional Developer part of Mac OS X) and add the Google Analytics script at the bottom of the file (as described online). Save the file and generate your gallery. You’ll see that the Google Analytics code is right there!

Other templates are right there, in the Web.agmodule/Contents/Resources/galleries

Beauty is a lie

The girls/women in my surrounding are looking for anti-aging products, anti cellulite products, anti-wrinkle creams… They even don’t want to go swimming because “they look fat”. Please. Cut the crap. They’re just fine. Being 50 but looking like 35. and absolutely not too fat. All made up by television.
– “Oh, I wish I looked like <enter model name from magazine here>,” is what I hear rather often.

I showed them this:

– “Well,” I said, “do you want to look like that?”
– “Yeah, but that’s fake”
– “Oh and that image of <magazine name> isn’t?”

Let’s see.

I admit, those advertisement girls are really beautiful. But watch to them as a piece of art. The face you see isn’t real. It’s fake. It’s a painting. It’s an illusion, a fantasy. You don’t want to try and learn how to fly on a broom, are you? You aren’t trying to let your car talk, are you? You aren’t trying to look like the Mona Lisa, are you? Why then are you trying to look like these advertisement girls?
Face it. They’re fake.

The Internet is fake

A couple of days ago, my sister was telling that she had read on the Internet that Playboy had been retouching a model a little too much, removing her belly button. I’ve done a little search and sure enough, the image was found rather quickly.

The mistake went unnoticed, and the magazine sold 605,000 copies that month… lots of readers got pissed off when they realized they were wasting money on fake pictures.

That is however, what the Internet wants you to believe. Some people are thinking a bit further, and even analyse the image, showing that the image was originally digital and not edited by Playboy. It’s fake. The image, the blame, the story. Again. Second time in two weeks I didn’t follow my own advice I tell to others: do not believe whatever you read, especially not whatever is on the Internet.

My sister told me. And then I found it on the Internet. So I just didn’t even think about whether it could be wrong.

The longer I think about the story, the more I realize how stupid I’ve been believing it. It just starts with how they didn’t even notice the belly button was removed. Or how they could could even remove it by accident in the first place! And the readers, the readers! Pissed off because they noticed the images were Photoshopped. Of course they are Photoshopped! I don’t think you can find any magazine in the world in which the images aren’t retouched! Especially not in magazines like Playboy! And the clues just keep coming. This is just a plain, ordinary hoax. Damn.

With belly button

The original image is here (small, but large enough to see the belly button). The photo was published in VIP Magazine, June 2006.

Luckily, I can comfort myself with the fact that I at least do some research before blogging something. Suppose I would have copied the text just like the other blogs and make this another ordinary blog copying erroneous information. Then I really would have a reason to be ashamed… And while searching, reading, browsing, you might reach a question like: what’s wrong in the picture below (click to enlarge)?

Any idea?

“Have you found her yet?”

When I saw one of my colleagues today, his first question was:
– “Have you found her already?“.
– “Who?” I asked
– “The Finnish girl…“. I didn’t and I hardly doubt I ever will. “I think she looks more like a plastic doll. How many tons of make-up is she wearing?” he continued.

Finnish Treasure, natural beauty
Finnish Treasure,
natural beauty
by Auric Goldfinger.

Uch. He’s right. You know, the truth is, I did some photoshopping. The original picture is a bit blurred, so I sharpened it, but that was blowing up the ISO artifact so I did some “airbrushing“… Bad idea, so it seems. Posting the blurred original in the first place would have been better. I still have much to learn…

At the end of the day however, he asked me again whether I had found her yet and while asking this, he had a sharp, penetrating, almost blaming look. That was one time too much. There’s a more profound meaning in that question, it’s not “just” a longing for information. What did he mean? What should I think now?

I thought a long time. A long time-consuming thought. Until I experienced the enlightening emotion of knowledge. I now see what the deeper meaning of his question actually is, what the motive is for posing it. Jealousy. He is just jealous he wasn’t there at that moment. His sharp, penetrating look was just an envious look. And I can’t blame him.

Perhaps I should enlarge the image, frame it and give it as a gift for his birthday…

This column should have been flooded by smileys, but that would ruin the text, so just imagine a lot of winks and ROFLs every two sentences…

Who am I to say no

As people ask so gently and like the things you do, how can you say no? It’s just… You know. Cool to do, to continue. And though I don’t think Thanksgiviumy is the best one yet, it is nice to read such comments and continue the adaptation.


Even though I recon the “beauty” of the icons are mostly because of the basis is such a great piece of art, I like the adaptations I did. Yes, I’m happy with the result and I even use my own icons extensively, I didn’t do that with the previous versions.

Black Pete Adi tastes Pumpkin soup


With Halloween knocking on the door, my sister is working around the theme of Halloween this week. So I had to cut a pumpkin. Rather hard work, really. And this time, we took an edible one, so my mother could make some pumpkin soup. First time she made pumpkin soup and I have to admit it is a good one.

And indeed, Black Pete for Adium is ready.

Xtra of the moment

Adiumy’o Lantern is currently the Xtra of the moment. Cool. Really. It approves that your “work” is appreciated by others and that’s where we live for, don’t we.

Since I just can’t stop producing changed versions of the Adiumy Green version of Eugen Buzuk, I created a Moses version. On request.

You might think it looks like Gandalf or something, in a strange way. It’s probably the beard and the stick.

I really should think of an update for Adicolas