Beauty is a lie

The girls/women in my surrounding are looking for anti-aging products, anti cellulite products, anti-wrinkle creams… They even don’t want to go swimming because “they look fat”. Please. Cut the crap. They’re just fine. Being 50 but looking like 35. and absolutely not too fat. All made up by television.
– “Oh, I wish I looked like <enter model name from magazine here>,” is what I hear rather often.

I showed them this:

– “Well,” I said, “do you want to look like that?”
– “Yeah, but that’s fake”
– “Oh and that image of <magazine name> isn’t?”

Let’s see.

I admit, those advertisement girls are really beautiful. But watch to them as a piece of art. The face you see isn’t real. It’s fake. It’s a painting. It’s an illusion, a fantasy. You don’t want to try and learn how to fly on a broom, are you? You aren’t trying to let your car talk, are you? You aren’t trying to look like the Mona Lisa, are you? Why then are you trying to look like these advertisement girls?
Face it. They’re fake.