Video on Flickr

Are you kidding me? by Auric Goldfinger
Are you kidding me?,
by Auric Goldfinger.

I like Flickr a lot. An outstanding photographer’s website. Posting your best images there, using it as some kind of photo blog. You can find a lot of skilled photographers there.

Sadly enough, Flickr has decided to allow video postings too. Now here’s the thing. Even if you aren’t a professional photographer, you are still able to produce great images. If you do a search on the Internet on images, you will find a lot of great photo’s there. If you go and search for video… you will have to search hard to find a stunning video.

So that’s what’s going to happen. Flickr will be polluted with trashy video’s. And it has begun already. Now tell me. How many great artistic video’s have you seen lately on Flickr?