“Have you found her yet?”

When I saw one of my colleagues today, his first question was:
– “Have you found her already?“.
– “Who?” I asked
– “The Finnish girl…“. I didn’t and I hardly doubt I ever will. “I think she looks more like a plastic doll. How many tons of make-up is she wearing?” he continued.

Finnish Treasure, natural beauty
Finnish Treasure,
natural beauty
by Auric Goldfinger.

Uch. He’s right. You know, the truth is, I did some photoshopping. The original picture is a bit blurred, so I sharpened it, but that was blowing up the ISO artifact so I did some “airbrushing“… Bad idea, so it seems. Posting the blurred original in the first place would have been better. I still have much to learn…

At the end of the day however, he asked me again whether I had found her yet and while asking this, he had a sharp, penetrating, almost blaming look. That was one time too much. There’s a more profound meaning in that question, it’s not “just” a longing for information. What did he mean? What should I think now?

I thought a long time. A long time-consuming thought. Until I experienced the enlightening emotion of knowledge. I now see what the deeper meaning of his question actually is, what the motive is for posing it. Jealousy. He is just jealous he wasn’t there at that moment. His sharp, penetrating look was just an envious look. And I can’t blame him.

Perhaps I should enlarge the image, frame it and give it as a gift for his birthday…

This column should have been flooded by smileys, but that would ruin the text, so just imagine a lot of winks and ROFLs every two sentences…