Deletion warning

Since no payment has been received so far, all services related to this invoice will be removed from our servers and databases within 24 hours.
If the payment already has been executed, please fax us a proof of payment at +32 70 224 305 to avoid deletion.

The line was active for only 14 days.
I called to their 24/7 support. And this time, I would wait until at least somebody picks up that phone. An 8 minute call to a 0904… number – which will cost me about a fortune – and then they said “There’s nobody to answer this phone call, please try again later”. YEAH RIGHT.
I recorded the largest part of the call, but I only started recording after more than a minute and if you want to skip the terrible quality song, skip to 06:31. There they tell me they don’t answer.

Then I called my neighbours to ask whether they payed already. They did this morning. Shit. Now I can’t do anything more but fax Dommel. Problem: I don’t have a fax. I do have a Powerbook though and although I never used it, it should be able to fax. So I went to my neighbours house, made a fax in PDF, connected my Powerbook to their phone line, set up a fax (I’ve never faxed before) and tried to sent it. I guess that worked, I saw the dialing, connection being made, sending, and closing the line, all without any error. It did took a while to send.

I sent the fax through e-mail too, not that it will ever been read.

My story:

  • January 5: request for an account. Payment done. Received mail that it could last 10 working days before the connection is active
  • January 18: second invoice. No active Internet, so no payment
  • January 23: start of an e-mail marathon: sent a mail to ask why there’s no connection yet. No answer received.
  • January 25: second mail, this time not so friendly. Was answered: no payment is needed for the time that we’re waiting for the connection
  • February 6: finally, the ADSL signal is active. Sent an e-mail to ask what to do with the invoice
  • February 8: first reminder on the invoice. Called expensive 24/7 support: nobody answered. Sent another mail, to all known e-mail addresses. No answer came
  • February 13: second payment reminder. Started to send e-mail to all known addresses to ask for an answer. Started blogging about it
  • February 18: final payment reminder. Called daytime support: it took 10 minutes to answer my phone. Got an answer with which I’m not quite happy, but I ordered my neighbours to pay anyway.
  • February 20. Deletion warning: within 24 hours, the account will be closed unless payment has been done and prove has been faxed. we don’t have a fax. Luckily, my Powerbook has one. Sent the fax as fax and as e-mail (including typos).

I’m sure they’re not going to contact me. I’m wondering whether they’re going to close the account or not.

There where I doubted once whether or not I would switch to Dommel, I now know for sure. I’M NOT.

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