Final reminder

As I promised, I started sending a mail every day until I got a response. Today, I got one.

Subject: final reminder: invoice #xxxxxx

Another try to call their expensive support and waiting until someone would pick up the phone…

It took them 10 minutes in which the same song kept repeating and not even a woman’s voice telling me to “hold on, your call is important to us”. Then somebody picked up the phone.

It seems the “compensation” isn’t calculated in money, they compensate it in days, so the validation of the invoice is prolonged. The validation period of the current pro-forma invoice is already longer (15th of March to 15th of April in stead of 5th) but because we had to wait one month, the next invoice has to be lengthened even more. This means, the next invoice will be valid from 5th of May until 5th of June – at least, that’s what the guy has promised me.

BUT the next invoice will already arrive 18th of March and has to be payed before 8th of April.

You see? April 8, the payment for May will have to be done.

And what when we decide to cancel the account, will it last for one month more? I told them to send us the new invoice only on April 18, but I got the answer that this is impossible since the invoices are generated automatically. That is a story everyone likes to say: “Don’t blame me, it’s the computer”.

Well, REPROGRAM THE THING, a computer can be manipulated BY DEFINITION.

I told my neighbours to pay anyway and to see what the next month will give. I wouldn’t like to see their account being cancelled. Perhaps when we switch from invoices on a monthly base to invoices on a three monthly base, the invoices period will be reset? I don’t know. We’ll see.

If only you depend on somebody else…

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