Ever dream this man?


Every night, all over the world, hundreds of people see this
face in their dreams. If this man appears in your dreams
too, or if you have any information that can help us
identify him, please contact us.

thisman.org claims that the project started because the man was first described by the patient of a well known psychiatrist and later recognized by several patients of different psychiatrists and they want to find out who he is.

Some state they fell in love with him. To some he gave ’em advice. I think he’s just creepy.

A well-known psychiatrist. Where did I read this before?

Sure this is another hoax, sure this is fake, however, clever found. How to know for sure? Two things.

So be prepared and remember not to forward this when it appears in your mailbox, or this man might start chasing you in your dreams…

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  1. October 19, 2009

    Daar wil ik precies ni over dromen…

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