Soft and yellow

Four days later: if you want to know how long anesthesia influences whatever you do, jump in your car now, accelerate a bit on a typical Belgian road and drive over a couple of speed humps without loosing control over yourself and on the road. You’ll be fine if you can set yourself over the nausea and the desire to faint … which you actually don’t desire if you drive 70km/h and a truck in your window. Driving calmly is the only way to keep you safe.

Something’s not right and if you couldn’t endure a description of a bloody experience, I suggest you stop reading at this point. (Although you’ll have to live with the emptiness of not knowing what the title is about)…

What's growing there
What’s growing there,
by Auric Goldfinger.

There’s something soft and yellow growing over the threads that are currently having a hard time being digested by my freshly produced saliva and I don’t like it to be there. Those threads attract food, catch it and keep it there. To avoid infections, they’ll be removed after being there for 8 days, attracting food and trying to close the holes that are now nothing more than a fading memory of what were once a quadruple of solid wisdom teeth. But I don’t like the yellow thingy there. As long as it isn’t an infection, I wouldn’t care. But how do you know whether it is a growing infection or just nothing to care about?