The Two Bagged Tale

Sunday evening. While weariness is creeping over me, the Multi-horsed Cabin drives smoothly over the cow-filled landscape of the suburbs. This road has no secrets anymore and neither do its speed humps. The man who’s driving rather close in my Tail seems to be in a hurry and likes to race them at full speed. I am not in a hurry and I don’t like to race them, so I decide not to impede the man any longer and while pulling over the Cabin I notice that he’s not that hurried after all since he clearly has the time to stop straight next to me, open his window and start a heavy gestured conversation that I cannot understand. I like the gentle cosiness of the Cabin more than to smell the overheated air that is pouring out of the man’s spiracles, so I keep my window shut and I gesture him friendly to advance his way, which he does leaving clouds of dust and smoke behind.

It doesn’t take long after arriving at the Destination to clarify that it was not a good idea to bring the Greens Sack in stead of the Primer Bag. The Greens is used often in a temporary way like when I go for a quick dive in an Olympic bath tub where some old crows like to perform their spastic movements straight in front of me, preventing me to fully enjoy the swimming experience. But there were several laughs, profound complaints and irritating nags about the Primer Bag. The Others didn’t understand why it was constantly joining the party and I didn’t know for sure either, so I abandoned it and left it at home and took the Greens. Proved to be not a good decision, as with the Primer Bag, the majority of its content was left behind too and the lack of the Coins renders it completely impossible to pay the Treat, thus my girl is honoured to do so in favour of me. She is one of the Others that expressed a complain about the Primer Bag after all so she immediately experiences the joy of not having it close by hand.

It so happens that the opportunity arrives to capture a Memory at exactly the same moment as when the Third Eye is not within your reach. That is this moment to be more specific, which leaves the Memory the opportunity to float away in the deepest darkness of obliviation, under a silent moaning of my girl not being able to capture it. The reason that the Third Eye is not within our reach, she knows, is on her account at least for a small part, the result of her nagging about the Primer Bag.

Even the next day, at the Working Scene, the Primer Bag shows its indispensableness. By only taking the Digitalis Bag, which is much smaller than the Primer, the majority of the content of the latter had to be omitted this time as well. It so happened with Drink and Food, for which no free space was left in Digitalis, but which causes an unavoidable run to a nearby Market to fetch some others using the Coins which were only not spend the previous evening due to the lack of them at the time of the Treat. And about the Third Eye, I can survive not capturing Memories for one day, but it is a slight disappointment to know there are Workers on the Scene that cause the Build fail and not even be able to capture that Memory for perpetuation. The Paperwork for the Multi-horsed Cabin was not obliviated. Luckily it could be left inside the Cabin, hidden from the dangerous view of people who would like to take the property of one another rather than looking for one of their own.

An emergency call from a customer’s site causes me to jump inside the Cabin and start its engine while grabbing a hand full of air which is now at the place where my Positioning Device should have been but which was clearly omitted too, causing me to arrive at the customer’s site with such a delay, the customer solved her problem herself after being annoyed and tired of waiting for help.

When finally this day is over and I arrive back at home, I have to wait for another twenty-four minutes for one of my co-habitants to arrive, since I left my keys in the Primer too. And while taking out the contact lenses, burning by the lack of Care Liquid, I feel the Primer Bag has punished me enough for its abandonment and decide that I won’t abandon it anymore. I’ll just take the Primer and Digitalis with me, no matter what the Others tell, no matter what the Others think.

What happened before clarifies that both Primer and Digitalis Bag are needed to complete my all day experience and it so seems that Others will have to accept both, or I will gesture Them friendly to advance, showing Them the enlightened path to the Two Bagged Tale and hope that it will bring to Them the clear Understanding they desperately need so badly…

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