Removed over the years

Removed over the years Removed over the years, by Auric Goldfinger.

Two days later. Harry finally knows what the Deathly Hallows are and while his quest now really has been started, I’m thinking about how many teeth I collected during the years. At first, the deciduous teeth, some of them are still intact, which were removed by Mother Nature herself and that is inevitable. The two upper premolar teeth are taken when a retainer had to force my teeth back into position, so they were forced out by a dentist. And now four wisdom teeth, which are considerably larger than the two normal teeth.

Pain is rising. Not a raging, unbearable pain, but more like a constant pressure on both sides of my jaw. Ice helps, but I can’t bare it too long and when the ice is removed, the pressure rises again. A constant conflict in my head between frozen cheeks and pressured cheeks. I choose brufen.

Verinueerd Verinueerd, by Auric Goldfinger.

A previous post of mine appeared not completely finished, so I bloodied it up a little. Don’t blame me, I had still been under influence of narcosis. My colleagues noticed my devastated jaw and to make sure they don’t have nightmares about me, being completely irrecoverably destroyed, they can now see for themselves the stomatologist has done his best to sew me together again. They do think about me, so it seems, since I got a Postogram today on which all of them signed (whether it was voluntary or under a light pressure is currently not entirely clear to me) to wish me a good recovery and loads of ice creams. Since I can not magically restore myself(1), I will have to soothe myself with those loads of ice creams…

(1) I should stop referring to Harry Potter-related content on Wikipedia. I accidentally saw three clues of what is about to happen while making these references…